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Garden lighting IR camera
long-range laser infrared camera
SDI Network Camera
IR Dome Series
Infrared Array Camera HD
Through the fog Camera Series
Embedded Network DVR
Environmental Monitoring Camera
Matrix Machine
Control peripheral products
Megapixel IP IR speed dome camera
About Us

         Company Introduction jinglan Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen , is specialized in security video surveillance product development, production, sales as one of the manufacturing enterprises. JINGLAN "brand, the company manufacturing operations security video products: day and night infrared cameras, Waterproof Camera, IR Dome Camera; 30-1000 meters of ultra-long-range laser infrared night vision through fog cameras, smart through the fog camera; High Definition Camcorder ; infrared high-speed ball, speed smart ball machine; car cameras, control of optical cameras, wide Dynamic light inhibition, night vision license plate camera; network cam…… more

New Products
50M array IR Megapixel Network Camera
30 m IR HD Network Dome Camera
60 m IR Camera Lighting
50 m IR Camera Lighting
Megapixel IR miniature ball
Laser Night Vision Camera HD SDI million
SDI 1080P HD Camcorder laser
SDI Megapixel Camera
16 mixed HD network DVR (NVR)
Million, explosion-proof IR Dome
1.3 megapixel infrared hemisphere
The megapixels the network laser PTZ camera

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